FOTD, May 27, Peonies

Peonies are a beautiful flower but a pain in the neck bush. So, since this is Flower of the Day, we will focus on the beauty of the flower. The two bushes I have around my house are a light pink color with oversized blooms which fall over due to their weight if it rains or wind blows.

This bloom was so heavy I had to lay it in my young blue spruce tree to hold it up to photograph it. Plus ants love these blooms and once they are picked, the ants scatter.

The bushes at the church are a darker pink and a little smaller bloom allowing them to stand proud on the bush instead of drooping due to their weight. This time of year, if I am not at home, I am at church working in the community garden, hence why these flowers are chosen today. The summer flowers are not blooming yet.

I close in a reminder to always be kind. It is such an easy thing to share and something we all need. Regardless of how good or bad your day has been, kindness shows your inner strength.

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