A Different Idea for Halloween

For Halloween this year, we participated again with several nearby churches on the “hilltop” with Trunk or Treat plus a soup kitchen. The temps this year were chilly for Iowa but not too bad and the sky was clear so it was all good.

The Evangelism team, (I call them the “E” team as in Encouragement team, because they are an encouraging force,) thought outside the box this year. We always try reaching out to the people in our neighborhoods surrounding the church to encourage them and show them the love of Christ. For the Trunk or Treat we had a “Balloon Lift of Prayer”.

The lift was a way to teach children or even adults, that praying for people you don’t even know can be a blessing and fun. Thirty heart shaped balloons that were filled with helium, were attached with the note below. The children were told the purpose of the balloon lift and on que, they prayed over them and then released the balloons into the air for God to take them where they needed to go.

And as the balloons lifted into the air, through the trees and into the sky, the children cheered them on.

The children were then given a package that had the same note, an uninflated balloon, and a piece of candy to remember what they did and why. We gave out over 60 bags. The children and parents seemed to enjoy this fun time and we hope to do it again maybe in the spring with a children’s festival.

All moments can be teaching moments to show God’s love, if we incorporate then in love and fun. As promised, below is a copy of the note we attached to each balloon. A very valuable lesson we learned is the weight of a single sheet of paper is too much weight to make the balloon fly so, we cut it down.

The full intended note did go with the children in their bag with their balloon and candy. Hopefully they will read this note and the pictures with scriptural references and understand how much they are loved by God.

Hope you enjoyed our fun time that we had and as a reminder, I remind us all the power of being kind.

Always Be Kind

Photo a Week Challenge: Fleeting

Sometimes when you get in a position where you see the fragility of the world, you realize just how fleeting life is. Nancy Merrill has challenged us to use a photo with the idea of Fleeting. So I give you my ideas on fleeting and hope you enjoy.

just me
Me when I was 6 or 7

You really don’t realize how fast life goes until all of a sudden you are knocking on 70’s door. And then watching your babies have babies…they don’t stay babies long with the oldest headed to college this fall.

Three of the 7….

But we also are challenged with a new life as we know it which is not only fleeting but a bit scary…

c drs
It will pass, not my picture but thought it needed posting

And we cant leave out the beauty of nature and even scripture reminds us the fragility and fleeting of it stating the grass will fade and the flowers will wither. But for now lets enjoy the beauty of spring.

Lemon Slice Calibrachoa

And since life is fleeting, all the more reason to be kind. Kindness is a true reflection of our soul.

Even though kindness is what is most often remembered about us by ...