Fun Times For A Year

I worked today so did not get to the computer until this afternoon and I found a surprise…


Congratulations, its your anniversary. Wow, I did not realize I had been blogging now for 1 year. I have talked to so many wonderful people all over the world and I thank you all for making this so much fun.

Thank you to all of the photographers I share such beautiful photographs with; Thank you to all the people who share my Christian beliefs with words of encouragement and profound truths; Thank you to all the people who share the funny stuff that make us all laugh at ourselves because we know we have done what you just talked about; Thank you to all the experienced  bloggers who have helped us newbies make this an enjoyable time; And thank you to all who read my words from seriousness to silliness and give me such encouraging comments. May we all use this medium to spread the love and kindness that is meant to be spread across this world.

My favorite(for now) picture I have found shows how kindness can spread like the ripples when a pebble has been tossed in the water, so I challenge all, as I do with every post, to be kind. There is just not enough of it in this world and we need to increase it use so it will spread everywhere. Again, thank you for all your love.

kind ripples

Spellcheck Not Enough

There have been several complaints going across the waves of WordPress about them eliminating the spellcheck feature and while that is a concern and something I use each time I am at the computer…with me, that just isn’t enough – I need a WORD check. I apologize to all who read my words…I promise I do re-read and edit before I post…yet I still miss blatant errors. It’s embarrassing…I even went to college! – like that would make a difference.

Recently I posted on my Instagram page to come over and see my blog for encouragement, flowers, dogs and silliness. So I went through the Instagram site to see how they would see things…”oh mi gudness”!! How did I miss that, oh and look at that dumbness…so embarrassing.


So yes, I feel like a dingbat but I remember reading an article where your brain knows what you are trying to say or read and does it for you eliminating the error in your brain. Even those silly games where the letters in the center are wrong and if you can still read the sentence, you are supposed to be smart. Yea I am good at that but still mess up here. Good grief.

And for those of us with ADD or who have brains that go two sentences ahead of what you are trying to say or do, its a real problem, especially if you are trying to convey and important message.

So I apologize in advance and hope that is not the reason you would never be interest in the book I am getting published this fall. I have editors to fix that nonsense. But if you are a lover of dogs and a believer in the rainbow bridge, it may be a book of interest to make you laugh or not, no pressure.

Regardless, I appreciate you stopping by to read my blog, even with my poor editing ability. Hope those mistakes can now bring a smile to your face as it does mine. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves and the silly harmless mistakes we make and go on without it dragging us mentally down a dark tunnel. Life is too short for that.  Laugh and let those around laugh with you, then re-punt or start over.

And in all things, remember to always be kind. That kindness you share, even when you don’t feel kind, may be the very thing to remove that dark cloud that has engulfed you.

kind storm


Reckless Love

Are you in need of encouragement tonight. Let me tell you about my morning and be encouraged. Today I awoke with a start at 7:50 a.m. with a strong feeling to pray for my daughter. Don’t usually get up until 8:15. While I always keep my children prayed up as it were, this was a strong urge. I obeyed then went ahead and got ready for work since I was up and going. About 20 minutes later my daughter called me and said I needed to come pick her up. She had a massive blow out of her rear passenger side tire on the interstate on her way to work. Fortunately at that moment no one was around her as she did swerve but was able to maintain control. People stopped to make sure she was OK and to see if they could help but because of the idiotness of today’s auto-manufacturing, they don’t put spare tires or even donuts in cars anymore. Cost savings. Safety hazard in my book. So with my morning of protection and love I want to remind everyone that God is always there, you may not feel Him or like His answer but he does usually answer, even if its “wait”.

The song below is a marvelous song of how much God does love all of us. He throws all caution to the wind for us, He is reckless with love for us. Listen to the song and be encouraged that God does love all of you.

And as you go through your day, remember always His love will shine through us when we allow it. So shine on, reflecting His love and kindness.


Morning Silence, #SoCS

As the morning wakes today, the birds are chirping, sun is ever shining reminding us of the hope of survival. This morning’s reading came from Isaiah 41:13 says, For I am the LORD your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you.

That is so profoundly true as we watch and wait for the Mississippi to once again crest, hopefully for the last time at this stage for many years, currently at 21.54. But this morning is beautiful and as I sit and watch the birds fuss over the feeder, I am reminded of God’s care and love of them. Then I see the sun as it shines over my violets, their flowers shimmering like they are covered with tiny glitter.

And then I remember the history of this beautiful plant. I had bought three little violets to have in my office area when I was still working, you know, the $2.00 variety at Walmart. We were under florescence lights so they should do well. I worked in a manufacturing facility that make plastic buckets. The presses were on one side of the building and my office along with maintenance and the print shop were on the opposite side of the building, a building more long than wide. One day a hydraulic line ruptured from one of the presses just across from my no wall office shooting my side of the building with hydraulic fluid. Talk about a mess. And of course the three little violets were covered in oil, plants where the leaves should not get splash with water as it could cause them to spot and die.  Now what. Well the thought was they are going to probably die but lets at least try to save them. So I gently washed them off and re-potted them in fresh soil and clean pots. I only lost one and you see how big they are today. This is proof of survival beyond visual odds with God’s loving hand.

So silently this plant reminds me every day, this too shall pass. So, grab God by the hand as he offers his love and strength and hang on. He will get you through. And as you are trudging through, remember others are trudging as well, although you may not realize it. We all trudge through life’s ups and downs. So remember to always be kind. Kindness reflect God’s love and hope for all.


As Linda’s prompt for today’s SoCS of silence, I am reminded of the healing powers of silence. So come along and share your silent thoughts.

Rise and Stand Tall

Life can be scary and overwhelming when those floodwaters of life seem to dump on top of your head and threaten to drown you. But I encourage you today to rise and stand tall. God has not forgotten you. Scripture tells us over and over that he is always there beside us. Deuteronomy 31:6 says ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified…the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you.’Then all through Joshua, II Chronicles, Psalms, Isaiah and Hebrews, he reminds us over and over ‘I will never forsake you.’ Then there is a full page of reference notes of God saying how much he loves you- I Chronicles 17:13, ‘I will never take my love from you.’

Here in the midwest we are beginning to see the river start to go down. Second street in sections is dry and the chairs at the Le Claire Park band stand can be seen poking their backs out of the water, standing tall. I thought the picture below showed the resilience that nature shows us about their survival and if they can rise and stand tall, then we must as well. God always shows us small signs that he is with us every step, just look around.

Rise and stand tall

These tulips are a testimony of survival as their street is still underwater and we should follow their lead, rise above the floodwaters of life and stand tall. God will be standing right next to us.

May you all have a calm and beautiful weekend. I know some parts of the nation are still having major issues of storms; my prayers for you is safety and feeling God’s peace. And in the midst of all storms, there is usually a moment when kindness will be needed. I remind you to always be kind when the helplessness of life can effect us all.











Bloom With Encouragement

This week I have had several “situations” which were not meant to be hurtful but to a more fragile person, it could have been devastating. I am always aware of how powerful words are and how they can uplift or tear down and I push always to build up. We are all creations of a loving God who we, as a creation, sometime forget and walk away form that love, sometimes because of a harsh word from another. Today I read a post that needs reposting as it affirms God’s continual love for us and how he is forever encouraging us. I saw a picture on Pinterest the other day that really speaks to me…”What ever you are praying for…hold on. I am already on it and help is on the way.” Don’t let the discouragement of this world wilt your beautiful bloom but reach to the Son who loves you. Enjoy this post by Gracespeaker and be encourage for the love all around you. And as always, remember to be Kind.

Five Actions to Prevent Wilting

Sunday Morning Surprise

Surprises are supposed to be good things …right??? Not always. It never ceases to amaze me the things satan will do to try to keep you from going to church; weather issues( 3+ inches of snow will do it for me and my southern roots), health issues and then home issues.

This morning I woke to milk being all over the floor in  the kitchen – what?? Turned out it was not milk but melted ice cream. Fridge died during the night and every thing in it  was dead as well…or dying.  The way I looked at it – it will be there when I get home from church. Going to church anyway. I cleaned the mess off the floor and the freezer was quickly checked and what could be saved was taken downstairs to the big freezer. After lunch we tackled the refrigerator side.

Truth be known, there were some things that should have been tossed last month

So March is going out with a bang. Yippee! I guess the good thing was that due to commitments yesterday, I didn’t get to the grocery store as the normal Saturday chore.

Sunday service was great and I was glad I didn’t miss it. Worship was titled “Is It Real” and dealt with what is worship according to the scriptures and how does that translate to you. I guess satan didn’t want me hearing that message or lifting my heart in praise and worship. Sorry dude, you loose. Worship was great.

Life can throw curve balls at us and how we handle those helps us either strike out or hit a home run. I don’t strike out a lot, but do sometimes. I seldom hit a home run but once in a while it does happen. I am more of a  base hitter trying to get all the way around the bases and with God’s help I usually do but I need His constant guidance knowing when to run and when to stay on base.

I pray that this week, you too get all through the bases, maybe even a home run. Feel His love as He guides your steps and honor Him with your praises. And as you are moving from base to base remember to always be kind. Kindness is a form of love and worship as he tells us “what ever you do for the least of these, you are doing it to me”. So be kind.