Its ALIVE, Who’da Thunk

The resilience of nature is truly amazing. A week or so ago I posted the demise of my banana tree left alone for 5 minutes with my new puppy. Lesson learned and tree was moved to the no puppy zone, aka my bedroom.

Damaged but not killed

They are a pretty hardy plants, after all they survive hurricanes, so I was hopefully. Today circumstance were perfect to sneak in a Sunday afternoon nap, and it was fabulous. But right as I got comfy my eye caught this…

A new leaf coming out of torn debris

I was so excited and told you that if I saw it reviving, I would post its picture. It lives. And as I lay there looking at it, I asked myself again “wonder how tall it is going to get”, after all the ceiling is only so high.

Nature is an amazing thing when you think about it. Think about ancient civilizations now gone and nature reclaiming the land. God’s amazing creation.

While thinking about the amazing attributes of nature, remember the amazing attributes of mankind. We too can be resilient in hard times and with God’s help we are an amazing creature. Remember to reflect the love in you from God to those around you to make His kindness radiate to others.

kindness radiating

Sunshine’s Monday Macro, Babies

Irene Tron of Heaven’s Sunshine has a marvelous challenge to play with macros on Mondays, so come play along.

My entry for today is a baby spider plant. A friend was giving a bunch away so I took a couple. We will see how it goes. My variegated ones do not make babies for some reason although they they multiply thickly in the pot.

New spider plant baby

Interesting that the leaf foliage has started but yet the white bloom is still a tiny tiny bud. new life is always exciting even in plants. I just hope my banana tree revives. I will post pictures if new leaves appear.

Remember how precious all of life is and treat all living creations with tenderness and care…and some with caution. Try to reflect the love and grace given you by God, to reach out to others to help them feel the love only God can give and try to always be kind.

kind flower