A Photo A Week: Still Life

I remember some art classes as a kid how boring I thought still life was without realizing the beauty and creativeness of it. As Nancy Merrill explains – A still life is a painting or photograph that features inanimate objects, typically bowls of fruit and bottles wine. So this weeks challenge is still life and I went with what I know – Color. So as I prepare for tonight’s Party in the Park, I clean and sterilize my tools and equipment for another night of fun.

Colors for Face Paint fun

As you do the things that bring funĀ  and laughter in your life, remember to share them with others to help the spread of laughter, fun and kindness wherever you go.

Elephant kindness


Fun Night Out

Sometimes you need a real distraction of fun to help rejuvenate your mindset. Last night was on of those. I was asked to come participate and face paint in the annual family night out at a small community south of where I live. It just so happened that the event was the same night that the local fire and rescue did their training so they combined the two to the children’s utter delight. And I even got caught in the spray accidentally(??) hmmm?? But it was a lot of fun. It was setup on a playground with a large pavilion where mountains of food were brought out by everyone. They played kickball on the ball field with other games, chalk drawings on the tennis court, me face painting and of course the highlight was the fire & rescue guys.

The camaraderie of small town life was very evident and it reminded me of the love we should always share with our fellow man. Everyone was kind, nurturing of all the little ones there. I had to laugh at one dad as he handled his daughter’s teasing whine. After the water “fight” some of the parents had remembered to bring towels and one dad wrapped his shivering 5 year old daughter in a towel as she stood in my line for face painting. Her older sister toldĀ  him “I am cold too”. He didn’t miss a beat and remarked “Yea, and your 11 and know where they are.” Awesome. I just laughed at him. The loving banter in families is such a gift that does not get used as much as it should. It shows caring and nurturing while also showing training of responsibility and self sufficiency.

As this country, even this entire world, is in a defined battle of good versus evil, this family closeness needs to be strong. There needs to be the strong family bond around a central theme – love. May we all pray for that in all of our families. Enjoy the photos I have enclosed and remember to always be kind. There are over 40 versus in the bible that speak of God showing the importance of kindness and how kindness ripples our through the world spreading goodness as it goes.

kind ripples


I tag in with Granny Shot it and her new challenge of Water Water Everywhere. That certainly was the issue last night.

Sunshine…Finally, #1linerWed


Even though we are schedule for some thunderstorms over the weekend, we got good sun today and can now start planning for summer. Looks like there is going to be a lot of this…

PUNCH Skeeter Face Painting May 5 2018
Fun with Skeeter

As the sun begins to warm you on the inside, let it shine outward so that others can see your beauty in kindness.


And if you enjoy Linda G Hill’s 1 Liner Wednesday, then come in and join the fun.

Eyes, Windows to the Soul, A Photo a Week Challenge

Matthew 6:22 – The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be filled with light.

Nothing is quite as precious as the sparkle of a child’s eyes or the giggle of their laugh. These are my children and grandchildren. Yes all boys. But they are precious.

Nancy Merrill photo a week challenge is eyes. Come join in on the fun and enjoy each others photos.

Remember the joy of laughter of a child and carry that joy and smile with you as you go sharing that love with kindness freely. It make bring the same joy and smile to one who needs it.

smile kind