What Is It You Hold Precious #SoCS, 6WS

When Linda G Hill gave out the prompt for Streams of Consciousness for ‘precious’, I decided to combine it with Debbie Smyth’s normal Six Word Saturday. One of the first things that popped into my mind was “The Precious” from the Lord of The Rings.

Rings Precious

In the south(Ga, Fla, and such – Texas is not south. It a country all it own) of those in my generation, we use precious as a term of endearment when someone does something well out of the norm to help during a difficult time.

Normally when we(I) think of something as precious I conjure up things that are cute, cuddly, heartwarming, which usually involves, babies or small children and young animals so I have included some precious pictures, of course one of my grandson.

Caleb August 2015
Precious child with a precious smile

Many things in this world are precious, you just have to know how to look.

We approach preciousness with tenderness and awe…as does the animal kingdom.

In closing on the thoughts of seeing precious pictures, let us remember to always be kind. Show how preciously you can be by being kind.

Kindness at a very young age

8 thoughts on “What Is It You Hold Precious #SoCS, 6WS

  1. That’s so true, you simply just have to know how to look. How to listen. It’s amazing what we miss when we aren’t paying attention.


    1. Thank you. Wish I had taken them. Only the one of my grandson can I take credit for. I love the beautiful work that photographers like so many here leave on the internet for us to enjoy and reshare.


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