Change, A Multi Use Word

You can change your hair, change your clothes, change your mind, change your attitude, change your ways, change the world, make change, create change, love change or hate change. Change can be a verb or a noun depending on how you use it and it can be good or bad.  But regardless of how you use it, change is constant.


I tie in with Debbie Smyth’s pictures on Change for Good saying this is an excellent use of the word change. Her word for One Word Sunday was blue and I didn’t have any pictures of anything blue but instead I had pictures of red leaves, so there you go. There are many ways your pocket change can benefit where ever you are in the world. It can benefit locally, regionally or across the globe. So be kind and remember those less fortunate.

Coming home from church I noticed how the leaves were beginning to change color showing the change in the season. That is a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in that we are through with the heat but it is bad as soon it will snow. Matter of fact it snowed on Thursday – didn’t stick but it still snowed. Change.

I am partial to the reds in the leaf color as they change. If I remember from my science teacher in high school correctly (back in the stone age) when chlorophyll  is no longer being made which makes the green, you are left with the sugars? of the leaf…or something like that. Guess that is why I went towards art instead of science. Bottom line, when the green is no longer being produce a beautiful change occurs that we all enjoy.

It was cloudy today so you can not really appreciate the beauty of this tree against a bright blue fall sky. If the sun is out tomorrow, I will retake this and show you just how beautiful it is. I love the reds because they don’t just have red. They hang onto traces of the green, mixed with a touch of yellow, then darker reds before they turn brown and drop from the tree. And all of those colors radiate against a blue sky when  hit just right by the sun. But I wanted to take these today because cloudy skies are kind of a norm once summer is gone for this area and I wanted others to enjoy at least the idea of fall. I imagine the leaf color in the northeast of the US is fabulous. I have never seen it but the pictures are amazing.

We all love the beauty of spring with its flowers blooming and new growth everywhere but each season has it own beauty.  The warm energy filled days of summer, the relaxing and slowing down of fall and the sleeping days of winter help rejuvenate everything so that when spring returns the new growth will be ready to produce.

Life is very much this way. Whether you look at on a yearly basis following the natural weather seasons or if you look at the full span of your life.  It starts with youthful newness like spring, then the young adult years of summer energy followed by the understanding years of middle age autumn ending with the teaching years of winter so the the follow generations of spring can learn from your wisdom of a life well lived of loving and learning.

And we have to mention that sometimes change is not good. When people change to the point that they forget how to care for each other, that is when evil steps in and the path to destruction becomes a slippery slope down a dark path. Change then needs to come in the order for to change the footing to get back onto a level non-slippery path. It can be hard work but well worth the effort.

So as we go through the season of the year and the season of our lives remember the many changes, to enjoy them, be watchful that the changes are uplifting for you as well as others and to help those who may temporarily step on a slippery slope and may need your help in getting back onto level ground.

And in closing, I remind myself  as well as other to always be kind. Let the water drops of kindness roll of of you as water rolls off of a duck.

Dock swimming in the rain

And if that statement only make sense in my quirky mind, just remember to be kind.


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