Autumn in Iowa via My Phone

I don’t have a nice camera but the one on my phone does pretty good. So while the color brilliancy doesn’t match what I saw, there is still beauty here. Today is a gorgeous fall day with cool temps(long sleeve) but not cold. The sun warmed me nicely as I ran errands and admired the foliage. Some people think the cemetery is a creepy place but I think it it has a beautiful tranquility. The hardwoods there are really pretty right now. I will have to post some pictures from there when it snows as the evergreens there are old and massive.

Peaceful sleep as the season change

Most of the yellow just turn brown and falls off the trees here but the reds do show off a bit. Hope you enjoy looking through these as I did taking them.

The berries on these trees are brilliant red.

Heavy with berries

In reminder as the season as our Thanksgiving draws closer(and Canada’s just finished), it brings to mind of how we need to be kind, especially to those who are hurting in various ways.


Random acts of kindness may be the one thing to change the world for that day for one individual being, whether it is man, animal or plant. Always be kind.


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