Walmart – Word Prompt Humor

You know it is a sad thing when a website is dedicated to the way people dress while shopping in their store and that store is Walmart.  I shop at Walmart and I don’t dress crazy or am disrespectful to other people eyes. If I don’t want to see it, surly I don’t want you to either. But that is not what this is about.

A weekly prompt from qc of asked to share a funny story where someone pushed you to that point but you refrained because you knew it would have been bad if you reacted to the situation – you just smile and go on.

breaking point

This goes along with the saying that God doesn’t give you situations you cant handle, you made need His help but you still can stand.

Those of you who have been following me for a bit (only been around for 4 months) know that I just recently had foot surgery. A couple of weeks ago I just needed to get out from being cooped up for 7 weeks so I went with my daughter to Walmart for the weekly grocery shopping. I got one of the electric buggies as there was no way I could manage the distance of the floor space of that store.

When going down the spice aisle, I got out of the buggy momentarily to review the spices as they were at a higher level than cart sitting position. While studying the shelf I was all of a sudden run totally over by a 4 year old running loose on the store. Fortunately I was knocked into the shelf that caught my fall. I reached down to pick up my cane just as his mom rounded the corner yell at me for knocking down her son with a lot of language I will not share here.  During the woman’s tirade I felt my daughter hand close tightly over my hand that had a death grip on the cane. Still lost for words at the situation, I looked at my daughter and she said very calmly one word- “Breathe”. And I did as my brain wanted to hit this woman with the cane. As much as I try to always sign off with being kind, this was one of those times I thought…umm NO. My daughter knew my boiling point had been reached and she also knew I  was good at swinging a baseball bat and a cane would be easy-peasy. Sometimes it takes others to help us get back in focus, so I just stared at the woman as she and her out of control child cleared the end of the aisle.

The humor came about 15 minutes later and 3 aisles further down when a loud crash was heard throughout the store. As we neared the area guess who we saw? The little boy was in a buggy being watched by a store clerk while mom and store manager cleaned up multiple packages of  dried soup mixes scattered on the floor from a display that now lay destroyed on the end of an aisle.

As I rode by the scene, I made eye contact with the mom. I raised only one eyebrow and nodded as I scooted slowly by in my electric cart. Oh how I wish I had a horn to go beep beep as I passed by.

Sometimes when someone sprays you with lemon juice, your the one that gets the refreshing glass of lemonade.


Even though life slaps you in the face, try to remember to be kind, even when it is  not deserved. You may get blessed with a chuckle before it is all over.




2 thoughts on “Walmart – Word Prompt Humor

  1. Ohhh, that karma. It doesn’t always work that quickly, but when it does… (just kidding, of course)!!! After my mom had a stroke, I took her grocery shopping in one of those electric carts. She had trouble steering it and stopping it! I had a runaway cart with my 88-year-old mom terrorizing the aisles of the local supermarket. It’s funny to look back on, but at the time, I was scared and embarrassed! 🙂


  2. Oh, my, your restraint and your ability to make light of the situation is a joy to read. I’m smiling – thank you for always being able to make me smile!


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