November Thankful Challenge, Last Days

What a wonderful month this has been as I have shared on a few of the many many things I am thankful for during the month. It is important that we tie in thankfulness and gratitude for our many blessings like waking up today, being able to read this post, having friends we share with over the internet that are across the world. It is all so fascinating how very close we can be with a simple reach out. This month brought the (hopefully) final surgery on my feet. I have great hopes for being able to go walking in the spring and share the many beautiful things I see. But for now, we are healing and enjoying some down time with my fur baby who currently can not get close enough on the sofa while I try to type this message.


So lets finish up that challenge list but always remember daily the many blessing we are given from family, friends, life and God.

  • Nov 26 – I am so very thankful for my daughter who has been taking care of me why I recover. With all the snow we got over the weekend, she shoveled the driveway(with snow plow) but still…and she cleared off the sidewalks in the front.


  • Nov 27 – I am thankful for the ability and understanding of the importance of helping others.


  • Nov 28 – I am thankful that I can laugh and joke about myself as I age. Laughter is a strong medicine.


  • Nov 29 – I am thankful for the people in my life  that made me realize the most important decision I would ever make in my life – Accepting Jesus as my Savior. I could not have survived some of the things I have been through in my life with out His help.


  • Nov 30 – I am thankful for someone suggesting this challenge to remind us all of the many things we need to be aware of that are gifts to be thankful for.

As I close off the challenge of my thankful November I remind everyone to be kind. I ran across this quote which I though was very appropriate from Mark Twain. He said –

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

So I close in reminder saying of it’s the tiny things we do in life that can bring the greatest thankfulness and the brightest joy.

kindness 2

7 thoughts on “November Thankful Challenge, Last Days

  1. I want to thank you for the comments you made on two of my posts. You suggest remembering Christ. I appreciate those reminders because he is actually a huge part of my life. For now, I have not felt comfortable discussing my relationship with him on my blog. Maybe it’s because I have a an incredibly profound relationship with him based on how HE forgave me a long time ago…he came to me in a lucid dream. It was an absolutely life changing experience. I understand that there will be many readers who do not understand what that means. It’s sacred to me.

    I still struggle to forgive myself of big things in the past and little things like the mistake I made a few days ago. I have been wrestling with introducing that relationship into my writings because its so personal. Up until now, I’ve wanted to keep it private, but I feel a strong sense that your comments are whispers from God or Jesus, telling me its ok to talk about them and how much they have impacted my life before and after recovery. I suppose I need to feel right about it when I do. For now, talking about them in this response is enough for now…

    I am glad you connected to me. Thank you. I am grateful.

    I will continue to pray on this….

    Blessings to you-S

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    1. Just remember, God uses all of us to help each other. Maybe your experience will help someone else. I had an abusive marriage and have connected with others through blogging who also had abusive marriages. It helps sharing and strengthen each other. Best of luck. Praying for your strength and comfort.

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  2. A beautiful message about all the things to be thankful for Anita. We wish you a speedy recovery and please give your fur baby a big pat from us all 🙂💖 xxx

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