Encouragement for the Weekend

Good evening friends. Hope your week has been good. Have you ever questioned if you were doing things as God needed you to. I think we all have from time to time and after I read my Thursday’s devotion, I questioned myself enough that I had to run it by Pastor Rob. I think it’s normal to ask those questions for when we get so comfortable never to ask, then that may be a troublesome sign. And it’s funny to me how God usually finds a way to answer those questions, either through someone, a song you may hear or something that you read. When I read last night’s devotion before going to bed in Jesus Calling’s Evening edition, I had to smile at God. In paraphrase…

He is pleased when we ask questions of concern of our walk, for asking is a collaborative way of living that he had in mind for us when we were created. The more we collaborate with the Spirit, the freer we become. Freer to live in and love extravagantly and to know Him with increasing intimacy. Sarah Young


I love the comparison of a Christian to a caterpillar as we change and grow to become a beautiful butterfly in His eyes. I had this short piece below published in an anthology last year, The Sound of Brilliance, that reminds me of our struggle sometimes as a Christian being somewhat bound in a dark harsh world. 

A Monarch Task


The warmth awakens me but I am tightly bound. I can’t move. My life blood is pulsing through my veins, waiting to explode. My head is pounding and screaming to break free of this dungeon. Yet, I can’t move. As cracks appear at the top of this cell, bright light is filtering in. I push with my might against the wall, as the crack begins to grow. I feel the closeness of freedom. I can taste it in the air, and feel it in the warm light. Pushing again, the binding splits. I roll out of the slit, stretching, feeling the ecstatic of freedom. The warmth strengthens me for my mission, my colors furl out refracting the light on the leaves. Time is wasting, I must hurry, only six weeks of life at best. 

And while we have longer than 6 weeks to live, the struggle is the same. We push against the hardness of this world and when we begin to feel the warmth of God’s love, the stronghold of the world breaks and we have freedom of life with the Spirit inside us. The Spirit then stands beside us and guides us as we go to face the challenges we run into.


God always knows our hearts and guides us according to His will.


So I encourage you tonight to not get concerned if you have questions about where you are in your walk, for we are at different places of our walk. But feel the peace  of Christ in knowing you are not doing any of this alone. Be safe and have a blessed weekend. And as always, remember to be Kind.

FOTD – June 17 – More Roses

Come join in again with Cee’s Flower of the Day and share you beauties of spring and summer. Today I will finish with the flowers I took of the Rose Garden. These were my favorites because their mix of colors.

Tropical Rose
Sherbet Rose

I did not see a name tag for these last two but I think they were my most favorites. The top one looks like it has a light in it. And the bottom one speaks for itself.

And as always, remember to share the beauty of kindness.

FOTD – June 15 – Lilies

Flower of the Day is such a fun challenge. I enjoy seeing everyone’s photos. Today I am showing off my red and white lilies. I noticed last night that the red ones were close to opening and this morning they were wide open. The white one opened over the weekend.

The red ones have long narrow petals where the white ones, which are a miniature variety, have the more traditional shape, just small.

My day lilies have not even sent out spikes yet. Hopefully soon. I saw a post from Sally this morning about how people can go over board with EVERYTHING – but it did mention how plant life also feels pain. So as you take your photos of your beauties, be kind to them as well. All life deserves kindness.

Always Be Kind

Tuesday Writing Prompt

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

Today’s prompt—Heaven in her eyes

Heaven in Her Eyes

Misha sat quietly as she listened to her grandmother rest. Her breathing was becoming labored but she waited quietly hoping for more wisdom from the stories she always told. Misha’s mother had told her the stories were not real, that they were just stories of hope of what heaven would be like.

But Misha knew different. Even though she was still seven years young, she herself had vision. And the visions she saw matched the stories she heard from her grandmother so many times. Before her grandmother had become so gravely ill, Misha had shared quietly with her grandmother her ability to see vision as well.

Her grandmother smiled brightly at her and her eyes sparkled with love. “Oh, my dearest Misha. Hold that truth close to your heart and let no one take it from you. It is a gift from God. Use it for the purposes he asks you to do. God will let you know when it is time.” And they shared many stories together of what they saw.

Misha watch the fluttering of her grandmothers eyes as she opened them looking toward the ceiling. “Oh, Lord, what a beautiful sight. Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of heaven as I transcend to you.” And with that her grandmother breathed her last.

Misha stood and took her grandmother’s hand. “I will miss you Granmama. Thank you for believing in me. Enjoy the beauty of heaven that is now fully in your eyes.” Misha was fully at peace knowing where her grandmother was now, in the beauty of heaven wrapped in many layers of love. The sound of the door opening caught her attention as her mother came in the room.

“How is she doing today?”

“Today she is great. She has the true beauty of heaven in her eyes.”

Misha’s mother let out a horrid scream understanding what Misha meant, knowing now that her mother was dead.

But Misha turned quietly from the room knowing her grandmother was now more alive that she had ever been.

Come join in on the fun of Tuesday Writing Challenge and share your creative juices with everyone.

and as always, remember the truth of kindness.

FOTD, June 14 – Rose

Names of flowers, especially roses, have taken on names of other beauties we see as in tropical sunsets or yummy things we eat.

Buttercream Rose

I personally like to eat butter cream but not sure about eating a rose. BUT, this is an amazing color for a rose.

And as always remember the yummy taste of kindness. It can really make you smile.

An Evening Encouragement

As I study and glean words of encouragement from some of the devotionals I read, I like to pass those thoughts on to anyone who may need a little encouraging themselves. The biggest benefit for me is that it helps me to study knowing that I have to make sense about what I am trying to say. This morning Oswald Chamber in His devotion called My Utmost for His Highest made a statement I had never really thought about but it is entirely true. Those of us who call ourselves Christians know that we are all created by God for His purpose but if we don’t go to Him and follow Him, He can’t fulfill His purpose in us. He will not force it on us, its our choice.

God will not make me think like Jesus— I have to do it myself. I have to bring “every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ” – Oswald Chambers

A lot harder to do than sitting on a soft comfy couch. Oswald reminds us that all thoughts matter…financial, intellectual, emotional, all matters that make us human, regardless of our circumstances.

Jesus never chose His own circumstances, but was meek, submitting to His Father’s plans and directions for Him. Oswald Chambers

We have a tendency sometimes to wallow in our circumstances never enjoying the serenity of life which is hidden in Jesus. But there is a better way.

So if you feel sometimes that you think “just a minute Lord, I gotta do this first” – rethink that process.

Make the determination to abide in Jesus wherever you are now or wherever you may be placed in the future. Oswald Chambers

It may seem like it creates more chaos, but in the end, more calm will be the result because you have allowed Jesus to drive the car. You know the old adage about Jesus driving the car don’t you?

a – You can wave at Jesus as you drive by Him as He waves at you when you pass, missing all the benefits of following him… or

b – You can stop and pick Him up but put Him in the back seat and listen only to what you want to listen to, again missing the benefits…or

c – You can stop to pick Him up, slide over and let Him drive the car, reaping all of His benefits. Its all part of obedience.

Make the determination to abide in Jesus wherever you are now or wherever you may be placed in the future. Oswald Chambers

And since you are choosing to abide in Him, remember to always be Kind.

Amazing Stonework, June 14

Good morning friend’s. It is Monday morning and time again for you pics of amazing stonework in your area. While my original concept was buildings, I had a post last week involving an amazing statue so that could be a possibility. My goal was to highlight the artwork created by builders of long ago but art in stone is art in stone, so share your beauties with us. Remember to attach the tag above so that others can follow you as well. Enjoy.

My pictures today are more about the tiny details.

Although the window itself has been replace with a more efficient style, the original stone around the window was left intact.

Yes, I am still stuck on the same building as last week, City Hall, but there are so many beautiful details. The intricate castings around the window arch and on top of the column are beautiful. The smooth block in the window is in contrast to the more rough texture of the main walls of the building. And remember this was build in 1895. There are other older and more intricate buildings around, so share what you see.

And as always, remember to be kind. Its a great way to start your week.

Always Be Kind

FOTD – June 12, Bee Balm

Cee’s challenge of Flower of the Day brings flowers normally not seen by some to be shared with everyone. It is interesting to see flowers from all over the world and fun to share the sights you see. Today I have Bee Balm. I was glad to see that it came back this year.

What seems to be flower petals are actually individual tubes.

As we enjoy the beauty of nature, remember the beauty of kindness.

Always Be Kind.

FOTD-June 11, Dianthus

I am always amazed at how the colors of flowers change depending on the amount of light you have. Tonight as I was taking pictures of a golden sunset, I noticed how these dark red dianthus almost had an orange tint to them.

I love the dianthus as they come back each year more beautiful than the year before. So, I planted several more of them this year of different colors.

As we slide into the weekend, remember to be kind. The weekend may be fun for some but lonely for others. Kindness can bridge the gap of loneliness to remind some that there is still love out there.

always Be Kind

Always be Kind