What a crazy week we have had…50 degrees, no 60s, no 30s and now more snow. Welcome to the Midwest in March. I long for my sunflowers again this year, so I give you remembered photos and a poem of hope.

It’s Coming

Alas its coming, I can smell it on the air

The bursting of spring, a damsel so fair

I can feel the ground, it has turn to mush

But we must wait, the new storm’s a rush

It will cover the ground in a layer of white

It doesn’t matter, our hopes are still bright

For spring is coming, the buds are showing

Flowers will be blooming, the sky glowing

For spring is coming

Come join in with Cee and her Flower of the Day. Flowers make us smile and we all need more of that. Even though we still may be masked, smiles of kindness can still come through your eyes. Smile and be kind often.

10 thoughts on “FOTD…Spring

  1. LOVE every word, line! And great photos too 🙂 Crazy weather, eh? We never know what to expect these days 🙂 Abundant blessings on your week! ❤

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