A Early Evening Stroll of Beauty

Those who read me often know that I have a thing for things that grow out of the dirt, either because of its beauty or because it taste good. After cutting the grass this afternoon, I took a leisure stroll and enjoyed the beauty the flowers that were willing to share with me, and I thought you may enjoy walking with me.

My yard is not large but I make use of many pots to create an array of different colors. I start out tonight with a interloper. I did not notice him until he had gained some size and then I didn’t have the heart to pluck him from the pot.

A bird dropped a sunflower seed in the pot

I do plant sunflowers along the outside of my fence but these flowers need to be in the ground. I wanted to see if it had limited growth room, what would it do.

I thought this bloom interesting as it seems to have shed all of it petals, yet the only seed showing is located about 1 o’clock. Not much story here to tell, so just glance through the flowers see how they are very much like us humans – all different but yet all beautiful in their own right.

Dark red Calibrachoa
The ever expanding bed of daylilies
Red Daisies
Geraniums with light pink centers, a red splotch center petal and ending in a darker pink
Maroon colored Cosmo

And we finish tonight’s walk with my wax leafed Begonia. Its a doubled bloom with a kiss of peach color along the edges of the petals that seems to make them glow.

These are not all of my flowers but just the ones that caught my eye this evening. I hope you enjoyed this walk with me and always enjoy the beauty flowers can share when they give us their all. As you go about you evening or day tomorrow, remember to always show kindness like flowers show their beauty.

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