Evening Peace

I usually do a morning devotion each morning with members of my church but thought I would also do one for the evening to help shelter in the peace we should have before shutting our eyes in sleep.

During the day hours, we tend to focus on our problems instead of focusing on our faith because sometimes we tend to put faith only on things we only see. But scripture reminds us of a different thought pattern concerning Faith.


Oswald Chamber’s has a devotion book which I enjoy called “My Utmost for His Highest” which is a wonderful devotion book(also online). A lot of people may not know who he was but he was an early twentieth century Scottish Baptist Evangelist that had a profound way of teaching the truth in the scriptures. And he taught a lot about faith, courage, grace and peace wrapped up in the love of God.


Trusting in a God, that we don’t see takes faith, which builds trust, which produces hope for us to survive anything that may come along our path of life.


And that process is what brings us Peace.


May you feel God’s peace tonight as the day winds down and you close the doors of today’s problems in  hopes of starting a new day tomorrow with renewed kindness from above.


Morning Encouragement

Good morning friends. Each morning as I read from my devotion book and the bible I try to follow that lesson I have read for that day. Today’s encouraging message is one that really speaks to me while we are in this time of uncertainty and I thought I would share my thoughts. I find it interesting that if we stop and listen, ignoring all the noise that goes around us daily, God’s scripture will open to us and start to make sense. His word never changes and never gets old and can encourage us differently each time we read it depending on what we are going through at the time.

Paul tell us in Colossians Chapter 2 how he personally struggled but that if we all come
together in love, the love and riches of Christ will be made know to us.

Col 2 2-3.jpg

While some of these treasure may come to us wrapped in the form of a trial, the trial itself is designed to shake us free from our perceived thoughts of how we think we are to be, to help understand His prepared path for you for that day. Although it can be a scary time, it is the key to the hidden treasures He has placed strategically along the way to richly bless us.

Isaiah 33 5-6.jpg

God’s treasures also come in the form of many things we enjoy like sunshine, birds singing, colorful flowers, friendships and answered prayers. He has not abandoned this sin-wracked world, He is strongly present, in every sun rise, every flower, every smile you see and the kindness he shares with you that lifts you up so that you can share kindness with others to lift them up. My hope in sharing this with you today is that you are lifted up knowing He is there with you.

psalm 90 14.jpg

And regardless of what is on your particular road of life, whether is be bright sunshine or  seemingly gray darkness, God never lets go of our hand and will walk safely with you so hold tight to His hand.


May you have a richly treasured day and always try to share kindness. It may be the only kindness a person sees on any given day.
kind Eph

Love Encouraged

“Greater love has no one then this….John 15:13



The creator of this universe, I ask is he really there?

Is He someone you can trust on, or someone to beware?

If trusting is the way to go, do we go all in? Do we dare?

Or do we back off and hide, to not get caught in His snare.

Trusting what you can’t see, seems more a grand dare,

Than trusting what you can see with a chance to be fair.

But the inner hope of all of us in waiting to clear the air,

Would be His eternal promise as one to profoundly care.

Surrounded in His light to the point of brilliant glare,

Lives a love so rich for us, that we could only stare.

Those who know this love, without it, would be the dare,

No other love as perfect as the creator who came to care.

    Anita Neal    5/21/2020


Gods Light Kindness
Be Kind


Fears, Lies, Trust, Love & Peace

As we traverse these difficult times I am reminded of a passage in  Jeremiah, chapter 38, in the how trickery of people’s gossiping and how it can influence those who are weak in God’s teaching and begin to believe those lies. I see this same thing going on today with so much “he said/she said”, this one is lying, that one is lying. Who do we believe and who do we trust. So it is imperative we stay close to God, for He is who we can always trust. 

Jesus Calling devotion books reminds us this morning that God is not careless. He allows difficult times to come to equip us for other things in the future. I love the saying that “Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes he allows the storms to rage but calms our hearts.”  This world is definitely in a storm but we must breathe in and relax in God and trust in His strength and counsel to keep us above water. So this morning let’s trust in His unfailing love.
unfailing love

He is a mighty God and nothing is too difficult for Him. So do not fear from our seemed weakness. Lean on God’s possibilities.
Our weakness is designed to show his strength, so don’t let your presumed limitations measure the wall that is before you. Stay connected to God and He will show you how to climb that wall.
As we stay connected with God, we are encouraged by His love we for we know He is always walking with us.
walk with you
So just remember to talk with Him and then listen while he guides you through every challenging situation.
As you feel the comfort of His love and peace, remember to share the peace and kindness with others. Now more than ever kindness is needed to spread across this world to bring us all a bit of peace.
kindness peace

Value of Encouragement & Kindness

Can you put a value on kindness or encouragement. Not really, but when it is done from the heart, value is created. Today  I received the sweetest card, not expecting one, but it really made me smile.


Where I was trying to be an encourager, I myself was encouraged. Thank you back, Miss Dotti.

During this time of added stress of our lives, it is all the more reason to be kind and encourage others to hang on. This will pass and while things may be different forever, maybe we will be stronger for it. I am encouraged by a picture I have seen that zooms through the internet to remind us that God has our back and with that we are ever strong.


So I remind you to relax and breathe in the Love of God and he will hold you in His hand and shine on you with shower’s of with peace.

Prayer Numbers

So I encourage you to spread kindness and encouragement as  much as you can. You never know just how one small drop of kindness can create a ripple effect that goes around the world.

kind ripples


Trusting God in Crisis

Good morning friends. Hope you are doing well. Today looks to be a beautiful day, so lets see what God brings our way. I write this Words of Encouragement each morning for my church family to help lift their spirits through this time of trial where we are staying at home and thought today’s message may help others feel God’s peace.

Good Morning.jpg

Trust...what a hard word. When I think of trust, I think of things that I am certain will benefit me or that I know fully what will happen. Today we are fighting over the trust of political issues, concern of trusting our own instincts over daily situations, trusting we will be safe going to the grocery store…and trusting that God sees all, knows all and loves all. And guess what…He does, He is our rock of trust with which to stand firm.


I love some of the pictures I have seen on Facebook with Satan yelling at Jesus in how this pandemic closed the churches and Jesus quietly replies that the church is not the building but is in my people and that His church is ever strong. When we look around at how through technology we are spreading the love of Christ and how people who never bothered to pray before are now praying. The church is alive and well.

Evil to good.jpg

God will use whatever situation we find ourselves in to accomplish his goal. He will continue to patiently wait to see what direction we chose at the fork in the road and then guide us to benefit us and His kingdom.


Jesus Calling  devotion this morning reminds us that if we trust God…really trust God with our entire being, then nothing can separate us from His peace. This is how we foil evil, by growing in grace through the very adversities meant to bring us harm.


So do not fear any day as it comes your way but relax in His sovereignty knowing that he is holding your hand and will bring good out of every situation you will encounter.

jesus hand.jpg

As you begin to trust, remember to be kind to those who are still trying to trust.

Kind words

His Presence, His Perspective

Good Sunday morning friends. After a couple of dreary days here in the midwest, today promises to be bright and beautiful. And like the dreariness of these past two day, we ourselves can become dreary with self pity if we focus on this current obstacle surround the entire world. With each passing day it gets harder as our thoughts dwell on ‘will this ever end?’ and I promise you it will. Sometimes we need to change our perspective of how things seem to be and lift our heads to His light and let the light of His presence engulf us and bring us peace.

2 Corinthians 4 reminds us not to lose heart,
and to focus on what is not seen. And what is not seen is more beautiful than we can imagine. We have been taught that God always has us in His hand and while He does not cause difficult situations, He will use those situations to show us His infinite power and love. So I challenge you today to
relax in the brightness of His Presence
enjoy the fruits of His Love
Breathe in deeply and smile
and if you are able, take in a calming sip of laughter
Its all about perspective. So climb to the top of the ladder and see your life in God’s Presence.
And always remember, now more than ever, to be kind.
Kind fire

The Comforter

Good morning friends. Hope you safe and comfortable. Today it is raining here in the midwest of the US but this is the type of rain I love, slow and gentle. You can have some of the best naps in this type of weather, soothing and comfortable. I wanted to share a bit of my devotion from last night’s read. It was a reminder of the deep comfort we have in Jesus. And in this day of confusion and unsure realities, we need all the comfort we can get. God reminds us from Genesis all the way through the bible that he is always with us.

We know this in our minds but when we get too busy or in a uncomfortable situation, our hearts grow weak and we forget where this comfort lies.
When we get lost in the troubles of the day, a gentle comforting nudge from the Holy Spirit reminds us of the awesomeness of His love that surrounds us.
To me, music is a great way to calm my soul.  I love this song I am posted by a Gospel group here called The Gaithers, and the song is Gentle Shepherd. If we allow our fears to calm down we can feel the surrounding of His love as was first intended.
Have a blessed and comforting day. And remember to always extend kindness in all that you do. It is like magic star dust floating everywhere.
Kind breeze

Do You Believe in Miracles, #1LinerWed

Good morning friends. Hope you are all well this morning. I bring you bits of encouragement today hoping to ease a small part of your anxieties and fears. I create these encouragements each day for my church friends and thought I would share this one with you.

Yesterday I saw something that really made me think about things a little differently. It reminded me that people are all at different levels of belief in Christ and as long as we love them at the level that they are at, they will continue to grow and they will get to where they need to be when they get there. It can not be forced or it looses it value.
If we pay close attention to everything around us, we can see God’s miracles everywhere. Miracles are not always profound acts of God but sometimes seemingly insignificant happenings that when several of them come together at the same time create a miracle for someone needing it.
As an example: A virus has swept the globe, closed business, shut people inside and closed churches. Is the church a building really closed, NO! The church is strong and look how we have come together as a family to support each other, all over the world. Through technology we are sharing love, kindness and togetherness in ways we would have never thought before. Some people are going out of their way and their own safety zones to provide things for others who don’t have the ability to provide for themselves.
Helping the elderly
Medical personnel
Letters of encouragement and kindness
Every day is a miracle and miracles are God’s way of showing us He is always here. 
While we are praying for a miracle to help us get though this, look around, they are happening all around us. We just need His eyes to see it. May you see His love around you today.
As we look around in hope of catching a glimpse of God’s love at work, remember to always be kind.
kind unexpected
Linda G Hill gives us fun prompt for hump day with One Line Wednesdays to help us get to the second half of the week. Come join in on the fun.

Strength of a Tea Bag

Today I am feeling a bit philosophical but really have no clue what that means. To me it means I have an analogy I would like to share. If you are a tea drinker, you will understand this analogy but if not, bear with me, maybe you will understand my rambling mind.

cup tea

We are all rambling of late, looking for ways to entertain ourselves, being jealous of those who get to go to work while being so grateful we don’t have to go out there. Its a conundrum.


There are a myriad of postings on line concerning extroverts not being able to tolerate being stuck inside and how they are coping. I consider myself a “tween”. Definitely not an introvert but not a extrovert either. Maybe that is because at my age I have mellowed. But no, I think the real reason is because of the tea bag.

anew bag

When we are running full steam ahead with life, we forget who really is in control. Then  our tea bag gets into hot water giving us a false security in its strength. But once the tea bag is used it can no longer provide the strength we thought we had.

gods strength

What we don’t seem to realize is our strength is just as frail and porous as the paper around the tea bag. It is our deep weakness is our full strength, providing we tap into it. For when we finally give up our strength and admit our weakness, God then can be our strength. And His strength is perfect.

My power is made perfect in  your weakness

So I challenge you today to rely on His strength. Allow Him to carry you through all of your trials today and the days to come. Remember He is always there with you where ever you go.


And lastly I encourage you, especially during this time, to remember the value of kindness and let is ripples flow out from you where ever you go.

kind ripples