Lines of a Circle; lines&squares

I don’t care much for the recognized day of Halloween because my Christian beliefs and for a certain experience I had.  But I saw this web coming into church today and webs can be quite beautiful with water droplets clinging to them, so I thought I would share with Lines & Squares for Becky’s challenge and give the photo a touch of dark creepy light play on it.


These are the types pictures where I wish I had a better camera. It really was a quite elegant web.

Even in  things we don’t understand, there is usually a touch of God’s creative beauty, kindness and love in things that have breathe of life in them. Remember the creator’s kindness shared with us and share likewise.



Reminder for Your Day

Just a reminder to myself as well as anyone else who may do the same thing, if you have laid something at the foot of the cross, leave it there. Don’t go back by and pick it up. I promise that God is strong enough, wise enough and happy to take on any concern you have. Give it to Him and leave it with Him. Go gently and kindly through your day knowing He has you in the palm of His hand. Jesus Calling, as well as God himself reminds us to keep our focused on Him and to trust Him for what ever your day brings you.

I wish you encouragement for this day and may you feel His ever presence surround you with peace for anything you face. Have a blessed day.

And always remember to be kind as He has been kind to us.

kind 24

Migration of the Monarch

It’s October and the time when the Monarch Butterflies head to Mexico or southern California. We don’t see a lot of them in my neck of the woods of Iowa but the smattering few that do happen by are quite beautiful. I saw several of them yesterday swooping around my dianthus so I was able to snap a few shots.

God’s beauty

While the butterfly is a fragile creature, it has the fortitude to fly hundreds of miles to warmer climates for winter. Yet it is easily crushed with unkind acts. People seem stronger than butterflies but in reality they are just as fragile on the inside as the strongest butterfly, so always be kind. Let you kindness open the beautiful wings of warmth of the butterflies that are in side of us, so that the warmth grows to others.

kindness butterfly1


kindness butterfly

All creatures understand the fragility and beauty of kindness, and the necessity for its use.

A Moon Haiku


God’s Night Lite

How bright your light shines

In the darkest evening sky

Your light shows His love


My small camera can not show the beauty I saw as the moon rose yesterday with a clear sky after several days of rain. The ‘man in the moon’ was easily seen. It was a welcome sight.

Never forget the love God has for you. He even shows you in his night light. Enjoy its beauty and spread His love by being kind.

kind moon

Thoughts to Start Your Day

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20b

Today’s devotion from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young was right on for me. ‘My Presence with you is both a promise and a protection.’

What an awesome reminder. As humans we tend to forget that and get wrapped up in our own self pity and despair, or ride that train of pride and self will forgetting who got us where we are or who has us protected in his hands. ‘The way to stay on the path of life is to keep your focus on Me.’ Awareness of God’s presence has always been our best protection whether on the  mountain top of great things or deep in the valley of fear. Never let go of His hand.

Where ever you are in your life journey, remember His presence and try to reflect the grace, love and kindness he has bestowed on you to others. Its a way to make you feel even better than you are making others feel.

God love ocean

Lines, CFFC

What is a line anyway…it’s the space between two dots.

When you look through nature and your surroundings, in my opinion, the only straight lines come from man. At least for any distance. God likes to make things interesting. Even when you look at things under the microscope, there may be burst of short straight lines but they are angled away from each other.

I love old stone architecture and all lot of that has some straight lines mixed in with curved lines balancing their beauty. These pictures are the straight line of a building of many floors accentuated by lines of rounded granite strips with curved lines thought them. The details between the windows is an interesting take on things you would maybe see in Egypt . It is quite beautiful and again a mixture of straight lines and curved.

The square lines from the granite block mixed with the curved molding lines.

The building is currently being renovated and turned into condos. The entry way is beautiful and I will do a post on this building when I do a series I am gathering pictures for about architectural stone buildings.

Lines created by multiple floors, love the lines at the roof line
Details of the curved line work

I totally went over board with Cee’s CFFC and lines, sorry but I thought these lines were amazing.

Remember in all the beauty of the world you see, to reflect that beauty with kindness. You just may make someone’s day.

kind 12

Back Catalog, TPC

Photography is a wonderful means to create reminders of things we saw, things that move us and pull us back to that memory or things that scare us. The photo I am submitting saddens me each time I see it and recently I drove back out there and it is still the same. I ask the question to my self as I have no idea who to ask but …”Why is this allowed to remain this way?”

Death and crash of a tree in a place of remembrance for those who have live.

B&W grave
Grave was created 100 years ago

I changed this to black and white with heightened light and clarity to give it a more lost look of apathy. Fits in with this month celebration, as some do, of death.

Life that goes to fast to remember is a life not worth living. It is our story, good and bad, that makes us who we are. And nothing is all bad…there is always a silver lining somewhere, you just have to find it.

It is my Christian belief that we all have a purpose on this earth to share the gifts God has given us and he has given all gifts…love, kindness, blessings…the air we breathe. And I believe we are all meant to share his attributes in any way we can. So as you go about your day, try to remember to show kindness in any way you can.

Kind breeze

We All Need…

There are many types of creatures on this earth, some we call solitary but I don’t think anything is truly solitary. It is not how God designs anything. I have been concerned for my dog Mimi as there seemed to be a sadness about her. She was a rescue and although I got her when she was young there are still underlying issues of trauma from her youth that still show 6 years later. I can tell from her behavior. I just wish I knew what they were so that maybe I could remedy her stress or fear.

Instead, I got her a playmate. At first it was “Whaaat is this???” But then a light started to shine in Mimi that I had not seen. She began to show tenderness and love. She has never been an affectionate dog and I had learned to accept that but it shied me away from rescues as while I knew many needed rescuing, I am not sure I am the best one for it. As the days have now turned into 3 weeks, Mimi now wags her tail and she comes up to be loved on – is it a jealously thing or is it a beginning of understanding of tenderness and love? I don’t know but I am glad to see it. I have a baby gate setup in the hall to the bedrooms and when Mimi has had enough, she whines to go to her room which is where she would spend a large part of the day before hand because that is where the bay window is for guard patrol of the front of the house. She is definitely a guard patrol dog – the entire street knows it.

mailman (2)

I bought a rubber chew bone, puppy size for Daisy, but Mimi feel in love with it, playing with it as well between the two of them until it was destroyed. Today we got a new bone – a Kong large bone for them to play with and it is amazing how gentle they play together. But there are the crazy chasing moments where they are both running circles around the ottoman, a happy crazy that sometime has to be slowed down for my sanity.



But even crazy dogs get tired and need to rest…


So I remind you of my thoughts, that we are all created to share love and kindness. As God shared his love with us, we in turn need to share it with others – sometime inter-specie as well. And in all things regardless of specie, try to be kind. It is a true reflection of who we should be.

animalkind 12


Monday Windows, FBC Davenport, Iowa

What a fun and interesting challenge for windows. Doors and windows are amazing portals into an different world belonging to the building or boat or whatever, to let God’s light shine in and warm its space. Ludwig has created this fun challenge and those who participate with Monday Windows usually have amazing pictures to share.

I am posting again on the windows of my church, First Baptist Church of Davenport. An amazing historical building that is still filled with wonderful life. Today’s window showing, while it is in my church, this time it is not in the sanctuary. We have a room called the Parlor where more fancy events or serious meeting occur. It is filled with beautiful antiques and soft comfortable sofas.

All three windows for this room are similar with a different scripture texted across the lower section of the arch portion of the window.


I do apologize for not holding my phone straight but the window’s beauty still comes through. Two windows are on one side toward the front and one window is on the side facing the parking lot. The outside of these windows are almost as pretty as the inside with the beautiful stonework between the windows.


Come join in on Monday windows and as you share the beauty you see, remember to share everything to do, or say or everywhere you go, to do it all with kindness.

kindness radiating


An Engineering Marvel

Coming from the manufacturing world, and the quality control side, I am a bit of a geek when it comes to engineering of large objects reflecting man’s creativeness in a different direction. Some objects are fascinating in how they have changed and improved as engineer ideas have strengthened. How fascinated would the Wright brothers be today riding in a 747 airliner.

Another marvel feat in my mind is the ditch wind mill. It’s original purpose was to remove water.

“Historically, windmills in Holland served many purposes. The most important probably was pumping water out of the lowlands and back into the rivers beyond the dikes so that the land could be farmed. In the fourteenth century, hollow-post mills were used to drive scoop wheels to drain the wetlands.” Note from guidelines of Travel in Holland.

dutch windmill1
Holland Wind Mills

Today when I think of the Holland windmills, I picture them surrounded with the lovely flowers that grow near them.

dutch windmill

I live in the midwest, and the midwest has wind farms and the wind mills here are for generating electricity.  We have all seen pictures of them but when I first came here I was shocked at the size of these things. Even more shocked at the n umber of time they would get stuck on an off ramp due to their shear size. Below is a good representation of just how large one blade of the three blade wind turbine is.

wind turbibe blade
Its hard to imagine unless you have seen one

Last weekend, my daughter and I drove down to Peoria Ill. to a Home Free Concert. Oh, and if you haven’t seen them before, I highly recommend them. But to get there we drove past one of the wind farms. Unbelievable. They look like they are right by the highway when in reality they are 1/4 to 1/2 mile away.


When coming home that night, you could seen red light for miles. It was truly amazing for a geeky person like me. Making use of God’s air flow.

As you see the amazing things man has done, remember the one who really is responsible for the amazing things man has done and let the breeze of his love that warms your heart get shared with others and remember to be kind.

Kind breeze