A Special Day for Dads

Here in the US, tomorrow is a special day honoring Fathers. We honor mothers in May and fathers in June. Some of us had wonderful fathers, some did not but regardless, the memory of them is there. I am not sure any of us had the perfect dad, they are only human but I believe the majority of men really wanted to do their best and should be honored. I am enclosing some pictures of my father and grandfathers in honor of this day and hope they all now they were loved and appreciated.

image000002 (1)

My father as a young man. I love the clothes and shoes of that era and know I would never see any of my boys dressed this way. As a young man my father was a typical young man, youngest sibling of seven. My grandfather was a banker but he was also a farmer raising white face Herefords. So dad  spent a lot of time on the farm with his horse Romeo, a paint.

I never really knew my dad’s dad as he died of pneumonia when my dad was in high school only a few months before penicillin was discovered and available for use. But I do have some fun stories like him coming home from work and all seven children hanging in the living room and his comment would be where is everybody, which translated into where is Marie(grandmother).

image000003 (1)

With me being the youngest of 4 and my father being the youngest of seven, I did not get to know these grandparents very well and was closer in age to my cousins.  But my mothers parents I got to be very close to. My mothers father, Buckshot, was a Pure Oil truck driver and a farmer. He would bring his truck over for Sunday evening meal and we would climb all over it. There are also many fond stories and event from visiting the farm. I recently wrote and published a book that highlights some of those stories.

image000000 (7)

I know from being a parent myself, that it is no easy task and some handle it better than others. I think my father and grandfathers were awesome and I honor them this Father’s day. Happy Father’s days gentlemen. You are remembered and loved.


image000001 (1)
Happy Father’s Day dad, Miss you.

Remember always to be kind. Even when life may have dealt you a hard time, kindness can help you heal as well as heal those you show kindness to.

kind Eph

Early Morning Encouragement

Good morning all. I bring you a little encouragement this morning as some of us are beginning to be able to get out a bit and try to resume life…cautiously.  We are having a beautiful morning today but it will get hot as the day goes forward, so I bring you some early morning freshness from my yard and some heartfelt expansion from my morning devotion.

The pictures below are from my own yard this morning as the flowers are starting to open and express their beauty as God had intended.

image000000 (11).jpg

image000001 (4).jpg

Have you ever thought about the wonders of Eden…and walking with God as you explore it together. What an amazing thing that would be as this earth is only a small glimpse of the beauty of heaven. Today in Jesus Calling, Sarah reminds us that we were chosen before the foundation of the world to walk with God along the unique path he chose for each of us. A path that he will walk beside us as we take each step.


Even though our paths may take us down bumpy roads or scary paths, our hope and future are rooted in heaven, where eternal ecstasy waits for us. So hang on to God’s hand as he walks with you along your chosen path.

Jeremiah 29 11.jpg

So let’s keep our focus on Him today and He will keep His focus on us. For we are sealed in His Love.


Have a sonshine day and always try to be kind.
Kind breeze

FOTD, June 15, Lilies

I love this time of year where I can share my love of flowers with others who also love flowers. Cee has a wonder challenge with Flower of the Day where we see all sorts of plant life, such a fun challenge. Today, I am sharing my lilies. My white are open, and my red ones are just starting. I purchased some yellow one this year and they are open as well. My day lilies are just now starting to bud so those will be beautiful mid summer.

image000004 (1)



image000003 (2)

image000000 (10)

And I remind you as always, the value of kindness is a value that can never be measures.

kind value 1

What do you see #34

The Sapphire Butterfly

The brightness of the full moon as it sneaks through the trees

Breaks open the cocoons of these sapphire blue beauties

Their life span is short, lasting only the cycle of the moon

Leaving much to do, for their time will end too soon. 

If you are lucky enough for one to light softly on your fingers

You then will have a chance of wishing while it lingers

For once the wish is proclaimed and the butterfly is set free

It flies off to the Spirit where all wishes will come to be.

Anita Neal

This is a fun Monday prompt that Sadje is sponsoring and since I am a fan of butterflies, I just had to play along. Come join along with What do you see? and tell us what all you see.

And remember as with the beauty of nature, the beauty of kindness can also bring an inspiring moment. Try to always be kind.

kindness butterfly


Red Flowers in the Rain,

We are taking it a little stretch with City Sonnets June challenges for today of the color red and water but since we are stuck inside today because of the weather, I think it fits.

image000000 (6)
My red dianthus in the rain. Its really beautiful standing tall in the sunshine.

Other reds are my red verbena and a red/yellow dahlia.

And as always, remember to always be kind. It spreads like ripples on a pond when used.

kind ripples

Waiting on Cristobal, FOTD

Growing up in south Georgia and north Florida, tropical weather is a norm. But now that I live in the Midwest, it’s kind of a weird phenomenon. Watching the clouds start rolling in last night against the setting sun were beautiful. The colors seemed to glow.

When looking at the radar this morning, I knew I had time to grab some quick photos before possible damage and then take all the hanging planters down as well as the bird feeders. The winds from the second storm coming from Nebraska on the tails of Cristobal seems to have worse wind potential and I down want plants flying about. Below are a few of the prettier flowers plus my lilies that are just opening. Hope that can stand the torrents. Come join in with Cee’s Flower of the Day.

And one last closeup of a ant wanting one last taste before the storm hits.


Remember that all of us are going through storms, some small, some huge. Never underestimate the value of kindness to help us survive life’s storms. Sometimes when we show kindness during our own storms, relief and peace can then surround us. Try to always be kind.


kind storm1

Gate Finally Complete, More Adult Coloring

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my fencing nightmare where the fence part finally got corrected from very poor installation. If interested, you can go here to read that post. I had promised in that post when I got the gate finished I would post that as well. The gate also was a nightmare that I am still working on to shave thickness off the frame as when it rains the wood swells and the gate won’t close without force. But my “gate mural” turned out okay. I am not an artist but I had fun, like I do with the adult coloring books.


The flowers, rabbits and butterflies are wood cutouts that I purchased plain and then painted. The reason for the haphazard of wood pieces for the door was to find pieces to go with what already was done to try to make it look decent. I don’t have a saw so my options were limited. The tree had wooded leaves but they were a clumsy to adhere and did not look like what I wanted so I took them off and painted on leaves. I still have 2 more flowers to paint and 3 more butterflies. At least I will have continuous flowers in my yard.

I am kind of good at out of the box thinking to pull odd things together to make a decent end project work. That is mostly what this project involved. But the purpose of the fence being able to keep the dogs off a chain and still protected was the main purpose, and that we have. So it’s all good.

I am tying in again with this month’s Escapist Coloring Club prompt as this was fun at relieving my stress of the poor construction of the fence.

And remember, even when you are faced with difficult tasks ahead, if you keep a positive attitude and smother it in kindness, good usually always rises to the top.

kind way