Its Beginning to Look…, #1 Liner Wed

Sometimes as adults we forget to have fun and enjoy the simple activities of fun shared with friends. That is a lot of what blogging and prompts for fun are. A chance to share with blogging friends around the world the things that we enjoy doing. That is what Linda G Hill  has done for us to share with each other activities that make us smile using One Liner Wednesdays.


Back in 2000, a friend of mine and I decided to make our own village for Christmas. They were just beginning to get popular but were expensive. The craft stores has ceramic ones that were unpainted that fit more into our budget so we bought a few and spent time in the evenings enjoying each others company and painting houses and business for our own villages. Soon as we got one finished, we would go see what else they had and is was a fun filled summer of adult painting. Sharon even went to Florida to see her family and found a different ceramic store that had other version and brought more home. By the end of the summer we looked at each other and went oops…guess we had too much fun. We both had well over 50 houses and businesses…and no where to put anything that large. I also dated and numbered mine just to keep track of them.

#10 – The Cobbler

It was such a fun summer of talking and sharing we did not pay attention to how many we actually did. It was “oh, look at this one and gotta have that one” and so on. I gave away several then realized the ones I gave away were houses and almost all I had left was business, so I quit giving them away and found a way to display them. I currently have 41. Here is a picture of the main village located on the dining room table with the 4.5′ white tree. However, there is the outskirts of town grouping in a different location where the country church, the Red Lion Inn and the new addition this year of a Christmas Tree farm and covered bridge. I will post closeups of the houses/businesses throughout the holidays.

Skeeterville Township

Remember as this is the holiday season of Thanksgiving to be thankful for all your blessings. And as I remind myself, always be kind. An act of kindness can bring ease not only to your hurting soul but to the receiver of that kindness as well.


Gallery of Christmas Village

City Hall, the Clock Tower(also new) and The Library


The Fire Station including a fire truck
Joe’s Burgers


It’s Done, Finished…On to the Next??

What’s next??

For the last 30 days I have been following Shelley’s Quaint Revival challenge for newbies. I have learned a lot but there is still lots to learn.

a thimble
My knowledge may fill a thimble.

I still do not understand why my links look different when posted to challenges than other peoples do and I don’t know how to get my tags and categories under the titles like other bloggers do. Those are my two newest ‘to learn how correctly’. Then I will find more to learn – onward we go!

Since I really don’t pay attention to stats except to see what countries may be reading my posts(which is fascinating), I will tie this challenge post with Shelley in with Linda G. Hill’s prompt for those of us who still love to color. Her monthly prompt for coloring gives you time to create a new adult coloring picture. For me, being mostly on the couch for the last 5 weeks gave me plenty of time to play with coloring. So for now through February, I will be able to easily do this challenge. Once I can be up and around, I may have to change my priorities. But for now, this has been a lot of fun. The first one was one I started before know about the prompt so I don’t have it as before and finished it last night so I am including it. The one I actually created for the prompt has the before and after picture.


Then for October’s prompt we have a garden.

And After

And I close with my ever present reminder to myself as well as all… always be kind.