Sad Doors, Thursdays Doors

There have been so many fabulous pictures of doors that I thought I would take a different angle but still show a door. In tapping in with Norm’s Thursday Doors I ask the question -how about the forgotten doors, the lost doors or the doors no more. Doors are a portal into another world with each room has its own history. Then when economic doom ascends and robs the life of the room and causing forever closure. The sadness replaces the coming in and going out through the door and the life it once knew ceases to happen. Then the history gets replaced by cold loneliness. Ah, the stories the rooms could tell.

Forgotten and over grown
Filled in doors & windows never to be opened again

 Abandoned due to the sword of progress.


Progress is a doubled edge sword as it bring in the knew and throws away the old. May we as people never become so cold and callous that we too can become abandoned and lose the wonderful stories we could tell.

Always think of ways to be kind. Kindness is a gift of God.



The Value of Man-Fruit

What type of fruit do you produce?

Have you ever thought of how you treat others as producing fruit? Think of how you feel when someone is rough with you. It hurts like a barb from a pine cone. If you are not familiar with that analogy I promise its no picnic. Then in the opposite direction you have someone who is over sweet in action but you can tell its not sincere, I smell a rotten orange here.

I find it interesting that there are 27 references in the bible (old testament and new) that compares how you treat others as ‘bearing fruit’. Fruit, back in biblical times, was probably not as abundant as it is today so it made a good reference to help people understand the sweetness of following God. Galatians 5:22 even list the Fruits of the Spirit – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Love, I believe is listed first as this is the binding agent of everything we do. All of these fruits overlap at times but consistent use of them only strengthens our trunk. Colossians 1:10 tells us to bear fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God. And Matthew 7:16 reminds us that by their fruit you will recognize them. And Jesus also reminds us in Matthew  12:33 “Make a tree good…for a tree is recognized by its fruit.”

We are God’s tree and must strive to only bare good fruit. Do we slip up and and produce rotten fruit periodically? Yes but God’s grace plucks that bad fruit and tosses it in the nearest trash can, pruning that branch to strengthen it where good fruit will again be produced. It’s a process that we must cultivate and fertilize daily.

Of all of the fruits listed, my favorite is kindness. Even when you are hurt or angry and in a dark place, if you can pull kindness from your tree, the rotten fruit trying to sprout will not be allowed to fester and grow. Sometimes your kindness may be all that is needed to break the ice of a frozen pond of fear and rejection.



To the tiniest creature be kind



Autumn in Iowa via My Phone

I don’t have a nice camera but the one on my phone does pretty good. So while the color brilliancy doesn’t match what I saw, there is still beauty here. Today is a gorgeous fall day with cool temps(long sleeve) but not cold. The sun warmed me nicely as I ran errands and admired the foliage. Some people think the cemetery is a creepy place but I think it it has a beautiful tranquility. The hardwoods there are really pretty right now. I will have to post some pictures from there when it snows as the evergreens there are old and massive.

Peaceful sleep as the season change

Most of the yellow just turn brown and falls off the trees here but the reds do show off a bit. Hope you enjoy looking through these as I did taking them.

The berries on these trees are brilliant red.

Heavy with berries

In reminder as the season as our Thanksgiving draws closer(and Canada’s just finished), it brings to mind of how we need to be kind, especially to those who are hurting in various ways.


Random acts of kindness may be the one thing to change the world for that day for one individual being, whether it is man, animal or plant. Always be kind.


Change, A Multi Use Word

You can change your hair, change your clothes, change your mind, change your attitude, change your ways, change the world, make change, create change, love change or hate change. Change can be a verb or a noun depending on how you use it and it can be good or bad.  But regardless of how you use it, change is constant.


I tie in with Debbie Smyth’s pictures on Change for Good saying this is an excellent use of the word change. Her word for One Word Sunday was blue and I didn’t have any pictures of anything blue but instead I had pictures of red leaves, so there you go. There are many ways your pocket change can benefit where ever you are in the world. It can benefit locally, regionally or across the globe. So be kind and remember those less fortunate.

Coming home from church I noticed how the leaves were beginning to change color showing the change in the season. That is a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in that we are through with the heat but it is bad as soon it will snow. Matter of fact it snowed on Thursday – didn’t stick but it still snowed. Change.

I am partial to the reds in the leaf color as they change. If I remember from my science teacher in high school correctly (back in the stone age) when chlorophyll  is no longer being made which makes the green, you are left with the sugars? of the leaf…or something like that. Guess that is why I went towards art instead of science. Bottom line, when the green is no longer being produce a beautiful change occurs that we all enjoy.

It was cloudy today so you can not really appreciate the beauty of this tree against a bright blue fall sky. If the sun is out tomorrow, I will retake this and show you just how beautiful it is. I love the reds because they don’t just have red. They hang onto traces of the green, mixed with a touch of yellow, then darker reds before they turn brown and drop from the tree. And all of those colors radiate against a blue sky when  hit just right by the sun. But I wanted to take these today because cloudy skies are kind of a norm once summer is gone for this area and I wanted others to enjoy at least the idea of fall. I imagine the leaf color in the northeast of the US is fabulous. I have never seen it but the pictures are amazing.

We all love the beauty of spring with its flowers blooming and new growth everywhere but each season has it own beauty.  The warm energy filled days of summer, the relaxing and slowing down of fall and the sleeping days of winter help rejuvenate everything so that when spring returns the new growth will be ready to produce.

Life is very much this way. Whether you look at on a yearly basis following the natural weather seasons or if you look at the full span of your life.  It starts with youthful newness like spring, then the young adult years of summer energy followed by the understanding years of middle age autumn ending with the teaching years of winter so the the follow generations of spring can learn from your wisdom of a life well lived of loving and learning.

And we have to mention that sometimes change is not good. When people change to the point that they forget how to care for each other, that is when evil steps in and the path to destruction becomes a slippery slope down a dark path. Change then needs to come in the order for to change the footing to get back onto a level non-slippery path. It can be hard work but well worth the effort.

So as we go through the season of the year and the season of our lives remember the many changes, to enjoy them, be watchful that the changes are uplifting for you as well as others and to help those who may temporarily step on a slippery slope and may need your help in getting back onto level ground.

And in closing, I remind myself  as well as other to always be kind. Let the water drops of kindness roll of of you as water rolls off of a duck.

Dock swimming in the rain

And if that statement only make sense in my quirky mind, just remember to be kind.


What Is It You Hold Precious #SoCS, 6WS

When Linda G Hill gave out the prompt for Streams of Consciousness for ‘precious’, I decided to combine it with Debbie Smyth’s normal Six Word Saturday. One of the first things that popped into my mind was “The Precious” from the Lord of The Rings.

Rings Precious

In the south(Ga, Fla, and such – Texas is not south. It a country all it own) of those in my generation, we use precious as a term of endearment when someone does something well out of the norm to help during a difficult time.

Normally when we(I) think of something as precious I conjure up things that are cute, cuddly, heartwarming, which usually involves, babies or small children and young animals so I have included some precious pictures, of course one of my grandson.

Caleb August 2015
Precious child with a precious smile

Many things in this world are precious, you just have to know how to look.

We approach preciousness with tenderness and awe…as does the animal kingdom.

In closing on the thoughts of seeing precious pictures, let us remember to always be kind. Show how preciously you can be by being kind.

Kindness at a very young age

A Couple of Beliefs? from Old

October is a time when Hollywood throws out all the adrenaline rush garbage of horror movies. Me, I am not a fan but I know plenty who love a good horror movie and Hollywood keeps them coming as they make money. I saw recently on the science channel the stories of mythical beast, like flying dragons and bull/man type animals that walk on two legs.

When we see something we can not understand and try to describe it to others, they may not believe it and mythical tales can begin to take shape.Take for instance the book of Revelation and all the the things John saw that he could not explain easily where the readers would understand what he was seeing. So to some, Revelations is mythical and far fetched in nature. To Christian it is truth and we accept his vision on faith.

I want to touch on two stories that were believed truths of their time that I find almost humorous now due to our knowledge of today. One is biblical and one goes back to the 1400’s  or further.

The biblical story is the Tower of Babel as told in the book of Genesis in chapter 11:4 and it says “Come let us build a city with a tower to the heavens”. Now their purpose of this tower was not to honor God but to honor themselves which then created the story we now believe to be true.


Knowing what we learned say 100 years ago, much less what we know about the heavens today, the tower would still be under construction, still not reaching even through the outer atmosphere. The size of the tower would have to cover the entire face of one side of earth and still not be big enough.

Every day we are learning more on how vast space is and just how tiny we are and for someone to think a tower could  be built that could reach the heavens makes me smile. The earth’s atmosphere from ground up is about 300 miles – that would be a tall building. These are currently the tallest buildings worldwide.


Another ancient story we now scoff at is the theory of the world being flat and if you sailed to the oceans edge you will fall off and be eaten by huge monsters that live there.

Our world is a beautiful roundish ball of amazing complexity created for us to live on. If we were on Venus, we would burn up, if on Mars we would freeze.

What a magnificent blue marble we live on. May we always protect her as I feel she is very angry right now. We have not been good stewards of her beauty and resources.

And in closing I always remind us all the wonderful gift of Kindness. May we spread it like jelly on toast, thick and sweet.


The Value of a Hug

When we chose to get married, we wear a ring to symbolize the love we share with another individual. We wear this ring on our left hand on our “ring” finger. Do you know why its called the ring finger? This finger has blood flow from a single vein that goes straight to the heart – where we say love  must come from. We can have love in various forms as the different love languages tells us but all forms of love come from a commitment of the heart. And I believe all forms of love are shown through some form of touch. A hug is the quintessential form in expressing whichever form of love you are expressing.

Hugs from our spouse
Hugs between parents and children
Group Hug

 All though the scriptures God tell us to love because He is loved us first.

First day

But we are not the only specie that understands the value of a hug. All of the animal kingdom understands the value of hugging to express love, tenderness, compassion, friendliness.

And even with inter-species there are various forms of hugging.


Hugging takes kindness and those who read me know I am a big fan of being kind. So in closing, I remind myself and anyone else to always be kind and if you get the chance, hug someone or a favorite animal today.

PS – I want to shout out to all photographers who have the ability to take marvelous photos and add them to the internet where those of us who do have have abilities or access to the many places you go. Thank you for sharing you love for all of us to enjoy.

Again Nature Rages #1LinerWeds

As I sit here in Iowa, I watch places that I am familiar with being inundated by yet another late season storm. The hurricanes that hit at the back end of the season are always more fierce and this one is still going strong hitting towns I left to move to the mid-west. As the Weather Channel showed videos from St George Island in Florida, I saw water as it moved through someone’s screen porch with the waves slapping against the ceiling. I was heart sick. I had lived through that when young and I fully understand what they are going through. The storm now is moving through my home state of Georgia and family and friends are hiding and hoping for the best.

Mother Nature as we call it can be a beast that consumes whatever it touches. Whether it be from hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, nor’ easters and even fire storms nature calls the shots and we try as we might to survive the onslaught. Sometimes we don’t survive like we had hoped but at the end of the day if no one gets hurt its a good day. Stuff can be replaced.

So my prayers go out to all the rescue personnel, all the line repairmen, and all of those who endured today and to those still in its path.

And in closing as I always, please be kind to those having difficult days. Kindness during tragedy carries even more weight.


Linda G Hills One Liner Wednesday

Come along and join Linda G Hills Prompt for Wednesday.

Fun Nonsense for Monday, an Ode

An Ode is a lyrical poem meant to be sung. Why would you do that for a opossum. It such an unattractive creature especially when it opens its mouth.

Vicious looking teeth

Coming from the south there have always been jokes, poetry, stories and even odes to opossums. There is even a country star, George Jones, that had a nick name of opossum. Maybe because he wrote a song about a opossum. And in checking there are numerous odes to opossums on the internet. Again I ask why?

According to research, opossums are marsupials from the order Didelphimorphia endemic to the Americas and the largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphere. Shockingly there are over 103 species in 19 genre. Hmm, who’d a thunk?


What prompt my interest in this was one that had been run over in front of my house yesterday as I was heading to church. It reminded me of a conversation with a small child, not mine, but because this child had only seen opossum when hit on the road, he thought that was where they came from and what their purpose was. It was a chuckling conversation.

But the most chuckling remembrance concerning opossums was from Baby Ruth, my Opossum Queen.

 Baby Ruth In Va. snow

Baby Ruth was a Black Lab cross that had a thing against opossums. She would go into attack mode the moment a opossum scent cross her nose. I wrote a story and submitted it for publication about her and this obsession and I will attach it here sometime if publication gets declined, its rather a funny story. As you know, opossum are notorious for playing dead in appearance and emitting the smell of death at the same time.

Don’t let appearances fool you

Baby Ruth would capture them, shake them violently, thinking they were dead and then she would prance around all proud like she had saved the world. Thirty minutes later the opossum would be gone but the crown on Baby Ruth would still be intact. All great memories.

When my nephew was young he found a baby one that had been abandoned or lost and raised it until it was able to fend for itself. They are quite cut as babies  but then all babies are cute, especially animal babies, so many varieties. They even seem to smile.

Opossum in a pumpkin

In closing I remind my self as everyone else to be kind.

akind image
May I be the water drop of kindness that when dropped creates ripples of joy wherever I go – Anita Neal

World Day of Communion


We have all gotten use to the special days of recognition like Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Grandparent’s, Kids Day and then commercialization really got hold of it to the digression of Pizza day, really?

But today is World Communion Day. How awesome is that? Think about it. All Christ based churches came together today to share communion on the same day to honor our God for giving us Christ; to honor Christ for giving us salvation and to honor the act of Remembrance of Him in sharing the loaf and the cup. All denominations who honor Christ have details in their service that they do differently. Some use wine, some use juice, some have bread, some have wafers but they do it toward the same purpose – to honor our LORD and what He did for us.


All four Gospels tell of the story of the last supper and as Jesus broke the bread he explained that it represented His body and as He passed the wine how it represented His blood shed for all and that this communion between mind, body and spirit with God was to be done as a remembrance of His love.

What an awesome thing for the world to do in coming together as one as we each spread our outstretched hands of love for fellow Christians…across the world. May all feel the love He has shown for us everyday and may we come together in one heart of love for Him and fellow Christians across the world.

And in closing, as I always remind myself and others,  Be Kind. Let you kindness be ripples of love as they flow across the waters of life never ceasing.